Tips and Tricks

We made Saver simple and enjoyable to use, and encourage you to discover all the cool stuff by yourself. But If you’re not that kind of a person — here’s a cheat-sheet:

Balance Screen

• Tapping a date in the header brings Today view instantly.

• Tap the grey amount in the header to toggle calculation method: Cumulative or Expenses/Incomes only.

• The bottom Balance panel is tappable and swipeable. It also reveals Details and Budget screens.

• If you have multiple budgets set up you can manage them using tap-and-hold.

New Entry Screen

• Tap the top Title to switch between Incomes/Expenses, or scroll a table for the same result.

• Tap a chosen category again to reveal Options: date picker, tags, notes and photos.

• Swipe this panel left to reveal Recurrings, Reminders, and Locations. *

• Change input currency by tapping its name. *

• The Tags area works like a ‘browser history’ — its stores your recently used or default tags. You can add as many tags as you want, but only the latest 12 will be displayed. Deleting or renaming tags won’t affect existing entries — you’re just mixing stuff in a bucket.

• In Calculator — swipe left or right in the ‘input area’ for Undo/Redo.


• Delete a group of entries by swiping left.

• Edit Tags for multiple entries with a right swipe.

• Pull the table down to reveal Filter tabs.

Savings and Goals

• Goals use your Savings as a source.

• Total Savings = All your Incomes – All your Expenses.

• Available Savings = Total Savings – All your Goals' installments (those with 'Use Savings' option enabled).

• You can switch between Total and Available savings by tapping the bar itself.

• Savings are also trackable via the landscape graphs. *

Charts and Graphs

• The top Title is a switch, as you know. Same for the Legend at the bottom.

• If a sector is too tiny for a tap — try this trick — hold your finger in the center of the pie and drag it around.

• Turn your phone sideways to see the bar charts and more detailed statistics. * 


• Choose a screen you’d like Saver to start from. New Entry is a great candidate.

• Disable decimals if needed.

• Changing the base currency converts all the entries and affects all synced devices. Be careful with that option.

• Categories, icons, and colors are customizable. Just swipe right on a particular one in Settings/Categories. *

• Data sync works across devices linked to your Apple ID / iCloud account. *

• Keep the ‘Daily Backup’ switch ON. Always. * 

( * ) Tips for Saver Pro users.

If you’ve found a trick we aren’t aware of — please let us know.

If nothing helps — please contact us
using the ‘Leave Feedback’ button in Settings.