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Why do you charge for the upgrade?

Saver 2 is a complete re-write of the original Saver, built by a team of two who worked their asses off by creating the best product possible. We hope you’ll appreciate our efforts and agree that Saver 2 is worth a purchase. Saver 2 also delivers tons of new features, giving you even more ways to save money. You’ll easily justify its price in a week or so.

But I got the old version for free!

Oh, lucky you! The original Saver was free for only two days of its four-year paid existence.

Can I transfer my Saver 1 data into Saver 2?

That’s no longer possible due to Apple’s recent policy: they block ‘old’ apps (including Saver 1) from running on iOS and remove such apps from the App Store. As developers we cannot circumvent this policy. We too think that’s unfair and user-hostile. We’re sorry for inconveniece Apple has caused to you by this brutal move. Your only option is to start fresh with Saver 2.

What’s Saver Pro?

Saver Pro is a pack of extra features for those who need them. You can try ‘1 Month’, or go ‘Unlimited’ straight away with in-app purchase.

In-app purchases? Don’t they suck?

They do suck when it comes to consumable content, like Smurfberries. We, however, use IAPs in a good way delivering extra features ‘on demand’ and only if you need them. There’s no money-sucking tactics involved — if you’re okay with basic features — you shouldn’t opt for more.

Do I really need those features?

It’s up to you. With Saver Pro you tweak the app to fit your needs, automate frequent tasks, therefore save time. And thanks to Autobackup, Export and iCloud sync — your precious data is always safe, no matter what happens with the device.

What are the system requirements for Saver 2?

iPhone 4 or newer, with iOS 8.2 or later. Please avoid using Saver on iPads unless you’re okay with a ‘framed’ experience.

Will you make a Desktop, Web or Android version?

Saver 3 should become a cross-platform service, if released. Please continue recommending Saver to your friends to increase these chances.

Sync Troubleshooting

1. On a device with the most relevant data: go to Settings / Backup & Restore / tap ‘Backup now’.
2. On all devices: disable ‘iCloud Sync’ in Settings.
3. On all devices except for the main one: tap ‘Delete all Data’ in Settings.
4. Shake your main device (while on iCloud sync screen) and tap ‘Reset’ in the alert.
5. Enable ‘iCloud Sync’ on all devices, one by one, starting from the main device.
6. From now sync should work normally.

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