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iOS 11 and iPhone X friendly

Meet the new Saver.
Way more features, way same ease of use.

Saver 2 takes personal finance to the next level. Rebuilt from the ground up, it delivers powerful new features in a sleek and uncluttered interface. Finance tracking has never been this easy.

What makes Saver so special?

Here’s why users love Saver:

Saver is great for basic budgeting, but the real power comes with Extras.

Save time, automate tasks, tweak Saver to fit your needs. Get a feature-pack of your choice:

Saver Plus

Saver Pro

You only pay once to unlock these features.
No subscriptions.

“One of the nicest interfaces of any app. It’s close to the the much loved Tweetbot and Reeder. It’s a stroke of genius by the Saver developers because it works fantastically well.” MacStories
“Saver 2 is finally here and boy is it great. With a plethora of new features Saver is still gorgeous, maintains its simplicity, and is definitely worth the price.” Beautiful Pixels
“The most attractive and clever expense-tracking app I’ve seen. The design and attention to detail are top-notch.” Shawn Blanc
“Beautiful to look at and easy to use.” Macworld.com “Functional and enjoyable to use. Our rating 5/5” AppStorm